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TSL is an ethical buying house that is committed to meeting international standards of business by offering quality assurance, timely delivery, and competitive prices, with a keen focus on not only monitoring to meet and exceed expectations but also keep evolving to higher levels of performance over time.

Apart from the core services that are specific to sourcing, TSL also invests its time and resources in cultivating continuous improvement in process, people, and products, with an aim to develop, maintain and improve relationships that last a lifetime and lead the industry by example.

The highly dedicated team at TSL is committed to achieving excellence in the sourcing business by having a professionally run organization with a competent workforce of Merchandisers, Designers, Quality Auditors, Logistics, and Administrative staff.

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Sourcing & Price Negotiations

These are the functions and activities that help clients narrow down on the supplier selection. This means offering interesting prices from suppliers, based on the product requirements.

Product Development

Our team undertakes the product development at the factories to meet buyers’ requirements for color standards, design developments, counter samples, pre-production samples, and advertisement samples, while also working with vendors & the packaging suppliers on product packaging development & approvals.

Pre-Production Planning

Merchandising & Quality Assurance teams conduct pre-production meetings with vendors in advance to cover all aspects of the product, proactively anticipate production bottlenecks and make a comprehensive production plan.

Production Management

We monitor day-to-day production with the help of detailed control charts and frequent visits to the factories to ensure that this schedule is followed, for on-time delivery of quality goods to the buyer. In case of disruptions, new plans are rapidly sketched and brought to life, to ensure that ultimate targets are met.

Quality Control & Assurance

Our highly dedicated and technical team goes through a series of comprehensive checklists, at each significant checkpoint, where a systematic & comprehensive examination of physical and process attributes, as per International standards. We cross-examine samples with bulk production at early stages, to identify any discrepancies or reproducibility gaps, and communicate possible problems with the process, raw materials, or product to clients and vendors, helping resolve issues early in the timeline pre-actively.

Communication & Reporting

Our office communicates with the customers on a regular basis to keep them informed on order progress and any issues relating to their placements. Time and action calendars are sent to the customers for each order and are followed up by updates whenever required. We hold video conferencing with our customers for regular updates and follow-ups. Final inspections and reporting to buyers Logistic Planning, Documentations, Shipment monitory till customer warehouse.

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